Game Review: Technobabylon


I’m crap at video games.

1320, my recent competitive rank on Overwatch. I will say no more on this issue, other than, One simply cannot be arsed to ‘git gud,’ so I took the advice of one sagely gamer and ‘fukked ooof.’

I have the reactions of a sedated sloth. Large chunks of my teens were spent on single-player, narrative driven games, namely in the point & click adventure style. So, like the video gaming attempt to swaddle myself in a security blanket, I scoured the Steam store page for that classic 90s pixel-style, point & click hit. Something I could savour, like a fine glass of malbec, paired with Aunt Bessie’s jam roly-poly with Angel Delight crème anglaise; a game that didn’t require the reaction-time/twitch abilities of a 13 year old Dorito-sprog.

Technobabylon became my stodgy, e-number ridden comfort food, whilst also provoking some thoughts, in my brain!

The game takes place in the year 2086 in the city-state of Newton. Newton is governed by an omnipresent AI known as Central who maintains all of the city’s civic systems and implements its jurisprudence. Centralized Emergency Logistics or CEL form the body of ‘police officers’ who take orders directly from Central.

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