The Gary Stu of Anime, Part 1


The Origin Story

Also known as the ‘Marty Stu,’ is often considered the male equivalent of the ‘Mary Sue’ trope, conceived via the world of Star Trek fanfiction.

Mary Sue was a character devised by Paula Smith in her Magnum Opus “A Trekkie’s Tale,” published in December 1974. Unlike many anime-related examples, however, this was intended to be satirical; almost a critique of the unrealistic female protagonists depicted in other works of Trek fanfiction. Mary, a 15 and a half year old Lieutenant had tits, brains and swagger. Every canon character of Trekverse became smitten with her bountiful charm, but whilst her every being excreted pheromones more potent than Axe body spray, she would often turn down the sexual advances of the ship’s male-kind, including its chief ‘ Hunk of Spunk.’

Gee, golly, gosh, gloriosky,” thought Mary Sue  as she stepped on the bridge of the Enterprise. 
“Here I am, the youngest lieutenant in the fleet  – only fifteen and a half years old.” 
Captain Kirk came up to her.
Oh, Lieutenant, I love you madly.  Will you come to bed with me?”
Captain! I am not that kind of girl!”
You’re right, and I respect you for it.  Here, take over the ship for a minute 
while I go get some coffee for us.” 

(To be honest, I’d take a 100% Arabica brew any day).

Creating a single, clear-cut definition for the Mary Sue trope however has raised differing opinions, but to put it simply, she is an idealised projection of her author.

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